This is the daily ritual of a nursery school in the times of Covid-19

As a society, both from the collective and individual point of view, we are obliged to care for and seek the well-being of one of the most vulnerable groups: the children. It is important to ensure its development and, for this, all citizens must work in unison in order to get them to grow up in equitable, happy and safe environments where all your rights are respected. These are some of the most important reasons why the International Children’s Day every November 20.

This year, without a doubt, this day is marked by the presence of Covid-19, a global pandemic that has forced all agents, both public and private, to seek more meticulous and detailed health protocols in order to keep all children safe from the health crisis. In this sense, from the nursery schools of Clece have been conformed very thoughtful action protocols and efficient that have allowed children to continue developing their educational, cognitive and emotional capacities.

The day to day of children in nursery schools has been altered with the emergence of the coronavirus, however, and thanks to its high capacity for adaptation, they have internalized all the hygiene rules and movements with great naturalness. Furthermore, learning in which the educational community and parents have played a very important role because the coordination and collaboration it has been total. The latter is one of the aspects that the nursery school staff most value, everyone has done their part, has pitched in and has complied with all the rules with great naturalness for the good of the little ones.

Alicia Castillo, director of the Gloria Fuertes Nursery School in Mijas (Málaga), managed by Clece, highlights that “everyone is putting a lot on their part, we are very happy with it because we have managed to ensure that everything is very coordinated and the children hardly notice any changes in their day-to-day life ”. He emphasizes, however, that the return to the classroom required a highly organized check-in and check-out protocol, as well as carrying out a series of very innovative rules so far and that, at another time, would have lacked interest.

“We have made some coexistence groups formed by two bubble groups, each of them has a master and an assigned assistant. There are no movements between them and no one new enters the aforementioned groups. That way they don’t mix and, if there is a case of contagion, we can act in a much more organized way ”, explains Castillo. On the other hand, the entrances and exits of the school are made in a staggered way. “We have three different entrances, but we have still organized small groups that come and go with 15 minutes apart. In this way, crowding and racking in the center are avoided ”.

Children do not enter with street shoes

In addition, at the Gloria Fuertes Nursery School, parents have one more task before leaving their children and starting the daily ritual. “The children they do not enter with street shoesThey enter with socks, and to go out to the patio they wear shoes that we have disinfected at school to avoid contagion, ”says Castillo.

Once they are with their teacher and without shoes, Castillo continues, the daily ritual. “We take everyone’s temperature and, once they enter the class, we wash their hands and put a stamp on them. In this way, like a game, we make them understand that it is important handwashing because, if they wash many times, the stamp ends up leaving and taking the Covid-19 bug “.

Castillo also explains that every day around 10 a.m. a report and a control of possible symptoms are made, which are transferred to the liaison nurse. “The truth is that your presence and your help is going great for us. We review and register it in Seneca, the portal of the Junta de Andalucía, and the liaison nurse handles pediatric appointments. In this way, the pediatrician who decides what to do with the child, if he should stay home, do a PCR, etc. ”. And he adds: “Parents, whom we thank for their collaboration and responsibility, are called immediately and that same day the liaison nurse calls them,” he details.

Staggered patio entrances and exits

Regarding the trips to the playground at recess time, the nursery schools have also made a quadrant in turns and, in addition, each of the groups has their own toys that, “of course, are daily cleaned and disinfected,” they explain. from the Gloria Fuertes Nursery School. This last aspect, he underlines, is very careful and, therefore, “it has been intensified disinfection of all objects, especially in common spaces such as sports centers, slides, swings, every time the cleaning services are used they go to do a high disinfection so that the next group enters with everything disinfected “.

For its part, Patricia de los Bueis, teacher and coordinator of the Mafalda y Guille de Valladolid Municipal Infant School, also managed by Clece, explains that they have followed the same bubble group guidelines to keep children safe, respecting the ratios per class, but also taking care of their development inside the classrooms. “The activities that used to be done in common are now no longer done. We have minimized contact between childrenIt has been a challenge to organize everything, but we have seen that little by little everything can be done and that the children have become very accustomed to the new rules ”, he points out.

But, in addition, and this is one of the things that Bueis stands out, they have had great collaboration from the families. “We are a very open schoolWe greatly invite parents to do workshops with us and, although with Covid-19 everything has been complicated, yes we encourage you to do crafts at home because the children have a tremendous illusion, they live it a lot ”, they explain from Valladolid.

Day by day full of playful activities in bubble groups

Of course, despite the difficulties of the pandemic, explains Bueis, “the children’s day-to-day is full of playful activities, we live in a happy environment. Also, being so small, all learning is through play and experimentation. In our case, we do not follow any editorial method, we design everything ourselves. When is vintage timeFor example, and taking into account that the grape is so important in the Ribera del Duero, we dress up, the children step on the grape watching the whole process. They leave here very excited about everything! The report that the families give us is very good, they like it a lot and they tell us everything when they get home ”.

Finally, the teacher and coordinator of the Mafalda y Guille de Valladolid Municipal Infant School also points out that at this time of restrictions she has taken one more grade taking care of children’s emotions. “Some like to paint, others like constructions, some need more visual things, but all use something as a way of expressing their emotions. They are very smart and also very sensitiveI love working with them and seeing how they develop and helping them express themselves. There are images that I see that I cannot forget, they are wonderful ”.