What can we say about “Yellow”? This Coldplay anthem from his second album, Parachutes, and which was to blame for starring Chris Martin and company in 2000, and that more than one of us has felt identified at some point in our lives with it. Who has not released a small tear with this masterpiece of Londoners?

If we talk about times of hopelessness, heartbreak, and quite the contrary, Chris Martin has always known how to say with music what many times we cannot say with words; if it is not with “Fix You”, it is with “Yellow”, and if it is not with “Us Against The World”, it is with “The Scientist”. The point is that you love or hate Coldplay’s music, the band has marked a milestone in the industry for many years.

Watch on YouTube But… do you know where the lyrics for “Yellow” came from?

In an interview that Howard Stern made Chris Martin in 2011, the band’s songwriter and vocalist told the story behind this song and how it came to his head … out of nowhere.

“Basically it took me 10 minutes. We were recording in Wales and my microphone was not working well, I was expecting to record something else at the time; so I started imitating Neil Young just to make others laugh… I said ‘look at the staaars’ (in Young’s voice), and from there everything else was born. I never told anyone, “Martin said on the air.

After this statement, Stern invited him (on air) to recreate the scene of that moment, so Martin grabbed the guitar and started doing his thing: I was waiting to record ‘Shiver’, our first single from that album; And when I was ready to do it I found this chord because I like to change the tuning of the guitar. I found this chord and I liked it, then I found this one, and I started singing like Neil Young and the rest came out on its own “

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And the most curious thing is that when they started to talk about the background or meaning of the song, Martin says: “I don’t know what it really means, the word ‘Yellow’ came up and I thought no one would know what it meant. This song has more feeling than meaning

So you know … nothing that the song was for his “his mother because he had hepatitis”, nor that he dedicated it to “his ex-girlfriend who had already passed away”, this hymn does not have a mellow story behind it, it does not have a meaning or reason to exist, but that’s the best of all … pBecause Chris Martin closed millions of stories of love and heartbreak, through something that “has no meaning.” The best things come out of nowhere. Any questions?

Here we leave you the video of this interview:

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