Undoubtedly the celebrations for the independence day of Mexico will be marked for history in a matter of numbers this time. This is due to the fact that the pandemic has considerably modified consumer habits and has imposed some restrictions for the development of this event in a normal way. As you know, year after year the arrival of the national holidays was accompanied by various actions that had a positive impact on businesses, for example, thousands of people decided to go out to celebrate in a restaurant, while others bought certain products to prepare a meal or dinner to celebrate Mexico and others went to a tourist destination taking advantage of the occasion.

This year, the figures that have been projected from different media and organizations show the blow that the national holidays have received in the midst of the new normality. In this regard, in today’s graph we highlight some of those key numbers that reflect how things have changed and how Mexican consumers are investing today, this according to information shared by Infobae.

As can be seen in the image, the most relevant data is that of the estimated economic spill for this year, which reaches a figure of 276.4 million pesos and represents a significant drop of 60 percent with respect to the numbers of the last year.

Another section where the impact is seen is in the hotel sector, according to the source, hotel occupancy in destinations such as Cancun, Riviera Maya, among other places was 35 percent, also a percentage lower than in years previous.

Finally, it highlights that for this year, in the midst of the economic crisis that has exploded, families decided to invest about 1,200 pesos on average to celebrate national holidays, these resources were mainly used for food, decorations and drinks.

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