This is the cheapest 55 “Smart TV you can find right now in Amazon MX

Hisense 55 “R6000GM 4K UHD Roku TV, HDR Dolby Vision Photo:

Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner (this year it is celebrated on June 21 and 22) but seeing prices like this, we do not think it is necessary to wait.

If you are looking for a large-inch Smart TV that allows you to enjoy 4K content and have access to the main streaming platforms on the market, possibly this HiSense model is just what you need. A Smart TV at a good price, with a good panel and a good operating system. Does anyone give more?

HiSense R6000GM on sale

This HiSense screen belongs to the 2020 range, and that is why its price has dropped considerably since its launch, which has placed this Smart TV as the cheapest new 55 “model that you can find right now on Amazon. Mexico We highlight the “new” because there are lower prices in the Renewed section.

We are talking about a very complete Smart TV that is still a magnificent purchase today, since we will enjoy a fantastic 55-inch panel with LED technology and 4K resolution 3,840 x 2,160 pixels.

We are before a screen that mounts the operating system of Roku TV, a very intuitive interface with which we can have access to most services on the market, among which we will find Netflix, Prime Video, Roku (obviously), HBO Go and many more.

Hisense 55Hisense 55

Hisense 55 “4K UHD Roku TV, HDR Dolby Vision. Photo:

An eye-catching design

Aesthetically this R6000GM it is quite striking, since it has very small bezels that could perfectly be those of a very high-end television.

This aesthetic allows it to offer an extremely elegant appearance with which to attract attention in any environment, since the image will occupy a large part of the screen and will appear to float in front of us.

Cinema image

Obviously, one of the most important characteristics when acquiring a Smart TV is that the image it offers is of quality, and in this case, thanks to the panel Ultra HD Full Array already compatibility with Dolby Vision, we will enjoy very vivid images with great contrast and very striking lighting.

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In short, we are facing a very complete Smart TV that offers an excellent price for everything that is incorporated. With a price of $ 9,078.56 pesos, it is possibly one of the most complete and best performing 55-inch models you could find, so if you are looking for a large-inch Smart TV, this could be your best opportunity.

Is this 2020 model worth buying?

Absolutely. The features that are included have nothing to envy to the most current HiSense model, so with this model you can choose a much lower and cheaper price with which to enjoy a magnificent Smart TV of large inches, 4K resolution and all kinds of technologies.

Obviously the quality of the panel and the technologies included can never be compared to a model of tens of thousands of pesos, but in general, we are facing a Smart TV that will surprise all types of users.

And so you can see in the positive comments that this screen has from buyers. In fact, they have given it an average rating of 4.6 stars. Expressions like “excellent” or “highly recommended” are a constant.

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