The CDMX and Facebook project was developed by the digital agency YaloChat

Victoria already existed on social networks since March, but this launch inaugurates its version for WhatsApp

Along with this announcement, the government and the platform reaffirmed the continuity of other initiatives for the pandemic

Mexico City (CDMX) is, on a national scale, still the most serious epicenter in the entire country when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only does it have significantly more total cases than almost all entities, but it also has a remarkably high incidence rate. This has made it necessary for the capital authorities to execute a strategy not only of medical care, but of communication. Including networks and apps.

This context is relevant because, through a statement, the CDMX authorities and the Facebook company have just presented a new chatbot for the inhabitants of the capital. The Victoria software will be available through WhatsApp and will help people in the center of the country to learn about the state of the pandemic in the city. Among those that can be consulted, is the hospital capacity and a 24/7 advice to know if medical attention is required.

Perhaps more importantly, CDMX residents will also be able to consult other topics of relevance to life in the capital. For example, information on procedures and services such as the Renewable Resident Permit or the Renewal of the circulation card. It is hoped that people will be able to contact Victoria using this link or by adding the number +52 56 1402 8408. In the future, useful functions may be added for the inhabitants of the area.

Goodbye to Susana Distancia at CDMX?

Along with the authorities in the capital, several companies and institutions have increasingly started using these chatbots as part of their customer service processes. For example, since 2018 that Samsung has a chatbot on WhatsApp, the same as CDMX. In the case of Burger King, recently enabled orders for this app also in the capital. And already last year that Coppel started offering credits to some clients on this platform.

Related Notes

What is striking about the introduction of this Victoria chatbot on CDMX is that it seems to replace Susana Distancia. We must remember that in April, the federal government announced an alliance with Facebook so that people could chat with this character on WhatsApp. Like this new concept, it was designed to help citizens across the country, or just in the capital, access clear and specific information about the pandemic.

But everything seems to indicate that Victoria’s effort goes beyond the current health crisis. The context of the pandemic, of course, gives you the perfect excuse to present a chatbot system to stay in touch with citizens. But if this platform is popular for data more related to the regular administration of the city, it is possible that CDMX will keep this chatbot in the future. A step forward for a better digitization of public management.

Technology, in favor of governments

Of course, CDMX is not the only one benefiting from the sudden digitization of the entire market following the pandemic. Companies like Amazon and Microsoft were among the ones that gained the most in recent months, thanks to the trend favorable to e-commerce and distance work. Digital banking also grew at a considerable level thanks to the crisis. To this must be added the sudden popularity that entertainment sectors such as gaming gained.

But the possibility of digitizing the CDMX does not end with a simple chatbot. In fact, according to experts, there are several ways in which governments can modernize public management. According to McKinsey, it allows for more dynamic interaction with citizens. Digitalist ensures that it not only enhances the visibility of the authorities, but their control. And in EY data, it could even increase revenue channels for the official coffers.