This is the area of ​​the body that Katy Perry stopped waxing. He confessed that now those hairs are ‘standing up’

Katy Perry stopped waxing since she became a mother.

Photo: Rich Fury / Getty Images

Singer Katy Perry has shown on numerous occasions that it combines masterfully her responsibilities as the mother of the little girl Daisy dove, which she had last August, with those professional commitments derived from her musical career and also from her role as a judge in the talent scouting contest ‘American Idol’.

However, her long schedule has led her to slightly neglect other aspects of her daily life, as she herself revealed in the last episode of the aforementioned program. So much so, that after hearing the powerful and melodious voice of one of the contestants, the interpreter did not hesitate to joke with the fact that the hair on her legs had bristled with emotion, since today he has less time available for tasks as arduous as that of the hair removal.

“Since I became a mother, I don’t have that much free time anymore, so I’ve stopped waxing my legs. When you started singing, I would say that the hair on my legs has grown quite a bit. It was incredible, it gave me a chill ”, assured the fiancee of actor Orlando Bloom, father of the aforementioned Daisy, when judging the superb performance of the aspirant.

Go to minute 5:20 to see the words of the singer.