It had been leaking for some time that Apple is considering taking a good part of its subscription services and grouping them with a name that not only encompasses them all, but also allows obtaining succulent discounts against possible separate contracts. Such a single ceiling for Apple services has arrived and its name is Apple One.

As expected, Apple One incorporates some of the most popular services of the North American giant such as its Apple TV or Apple Arcade, two of Apple’s latest additions to the subscription sector with a video streaming with its own content and with a platform of online games for your devices. This is Apple One.

Scalable plans with a family plan embedded

As we said, Apple One incorporates a good part of Apple’s subscription services at the moment and does so with three plans with quite different prices. We found the Apple One individual plan at a price of $ 14.95 per month, the Apple One family plan at a price of $ 19.95 per month and the most advanced plan, the Premier plan that will cost $ 29.95 per month. month.

There are four services common to all three Apple subscription plans. The first is iCloud, Apple’s cloud storage service that can now be purchased as a bundle along with the rest of the services. They are also common to all Apple tv, your video streaming service, Apple arcade, your video game streaming, and Apple Music, your music and video streaming service.

One step above we find Apple One in your family plan which, as its name suggests, will allow us to add up to five more members of our family with whom to share the four services mentioned above. Apple’s requirements to contract this Apple One Family are the usual ones for other company services.

Finally, the Apple One Premier plan takes the above services and adds two additional ones. First of all we have Apple News +, Apple’s news service that for now does not operate in too many countries but is expected worldwide. Secondly, Fitness +, Apple’s sports platform that links directly to the Apple Watch.


Apple One is official: this is the Apple service that includes Apple TV, News +, Arcade and lower a single monthly price