This is the $ 30 million pants! by Floyd Mayweather

Nothing less than $ 30 million is the price of the pants he wore Floyd mayweather in his last fight against youtuber Logan Paul. The 44-year-old American boxer had insured 10 million dollars and 50 percent of the proceeds from television rights for said fight, while the famous 26-year-old ‘youtuber’ had to settle for $ 250,000 and 10% of PPV sales.

Well, after this exhibition fight, himself Mayweather explained to the media present that he had made a whopping $ 30 million just from the advertising patches he wore on his shorts.

Among these, on the front, were logos of the cryptocurrency EthereumMax, the Fashionova clothing brand, and the CBD company Smilz, which makes trinkets and sweets made from hemp.

The former undefeated American champion did not want to work hard, but just let the boxing exhibition show against the YouTuber Logan paul that took place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens (Florida) concluded in the eight episodes to which it was agreed.

Mayweather did not want to defeat PaulBut unsurprisingly, he dominated his amateur rival throughout the eight rounds of the exhibition match. Paul managed to deliver some heavy blows to Mayweather, but it was clearly impossible for him to beat an opponent considered one of the greatest fighters in boxing history.

The exhibition was scheduled for eight rounds of three minutes each and Mayweather and Paul wore 10-ounce gloves. There were also no judges or official reading of the winner.

The Florida State Boxing Commission did not make the fight official due to the great disparity in size and level of experience, although it provided Samuel Burgos as a referee.

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