Although the latest news that has come to us from Orange is related to its bank, football and the new CEO who will arrive in September to replace Laurent Paillassot, the company also continues to work on its portfolio of digital solutions for small and medium businesses, which for almost two years have been included within X by Orange (XbO).

Precisely within X by Orange, and more specifically, X Security (Orange’s security service for companies), is where we find the operator’s latest proposal. Its about ‘Remote Access to X Security’ service, which combines teleworking and cybersecurity so that employees can safely access and use all the company’s resources as if they were in their offices.

Secure access to computing resources

As a consequence of the Covid-19, a good part of the Spanish SMEs has had to start working from home and although the Alarm State has already ended, many of them continue to bet on this measure to guarantee social distancing. The problem is that employees, when connecting from their homes, are outside the LAN network of their offices and, therefore, outside their perimeter security.

With the objective of extend that security from offices to employees’ homes and to all its devices, X by Orange launches in July ‘Remote Access of X Security’ a 3-in-1 product that offers:

Security reinforced with a next generation firewall that allows to filter all the traffic that the employees exchange from the office or out of it when they telecommute.

A virtual private network (VPN) between sites for multi-site companies.

A secure remote access for employees when they are out of the office, so they can connect using standard Windows tools to the company’s virtual private network (VPN) as if they were connected from the office.

This new functionality is free for all X Security customers, without limit of users. It works with standard tools of Windows, Mac, iOS or Android operating systems without any need for an additional device or any specific connectivity. And it comes within the advantages of X by Orange: free trial for 15 days, with no commitment to stay and free choice of operator.

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This is ‘Remote Access to X Security’, Orange’s security solution to facilitate teleworking in SMEs