“This is not the time, I’m not okay with myself”

‘Survivors 2021’ is getting closer and closer. The lack of confirmation of the start date and of the official contestants by Telecinco, makes the rumors about who will participate in the new edition of the reality show they are increasing. Although there is speculation with all kinds of public figures, One of the most famous possible incorporations was Zayra Gutiérrez.

Rafa Mora with Zayra Gutiérrez in ‘Save me’

Guti’s daughter, former Real Madrid footballer, and the television presenter Arantxa de Benito he is in the spotlight of the news of the pink press for his involvement in different controversies in recent months. In fact, Zayra Gutiérrez rose to fame for the high standard of living that the 20-year-old has not counted on financial help from her parents. It was Makoke in ‘Viva la vida’ who claimed that both Zayra and her brother Aitor inherited from the maternal grandfather a high amount of money that these luxuries allow them.

Nevertheless, Zayra has denied in ‘Save me’ her involvement in ‘Survivors 2021’. He has argued that the latest controversies have affected him so much that he has suffered « an anxiety attack » that has caused him to be rejected by television. « I neither enjoy this, nor do I want TV, I don’t even think it’s time to go to a reality show because I’m not okay with myself« , he argues, although leaves open the doors to participate « within two years ».

Zayra Gutiérrez, in the spotlight for her illegalities

The great part of the controversy in which Zayra Gutiérrez is involved have a common denominator: the illegality. During the 20th anniversary celebration, she herself published videos on her networks in which it was seen that she had organized a massive party that did not comply with any of the regulations in force regarding Covid-19. He apologized, but this past week similar images have been produced again.

« I swear I’m wearing the mask, but fair in the moments when I take it off to drink or smoke a cigarette is when they take the opportunity to take pictures of me« , argued Rafa Mora. While Gema López appreciates the apologies « and not run away », Kiko Hernández thinks that they are insufficient and more so when they are repeated continuously. « Family members who have lost someone are not amused », sentenced.