“This is not as dramatic as it was before”

The presenter of TVE Anne Igartiburu. (Photo: NurPhoto via .)

The marriage of Anne Igartiburu and Pablo Heras-Casado broke up last February after a seven-year relationship. The host of Corazón (TVE), little given to talk about her personal life, has commented on her state of mind after these months separated from the conductor.

“This phase of being calm has come in handy,” he explained in an interview with LOC, in which he declared that he is “wishing, above all, to be well.”

With this he refers “not only to the children”, but to being well “also with the relationship”: “They are different stages. Everything has a beginning and an end”.

In that sense, Igartiburu explains that “this is no longer as dramatic as it was before” and that “letting go and making things easy for people is also wanting.”

That way of looking at life, he adds, is something he has learned over the years, “because you don’t know from the beginning”, something that his coaching studies have also helped him with. “It is important to know that if you love a person to be in a relationship, you have to love him also knowing that everything has a process,” he declared.

The couple met on the radio in 2014, when the Biscayan had to interview Heras-Casado, and confesses that it was a crush. In fact, a year later they walked down the aisle and had an intimate wedding. Their breakup made headlines because they were known as one of the strongest relationships in the press. However, they went through a crisis in mid-2020 that ended in separation.

The host of Corazón has always maintained a low-key private life, even when she was the mother of her first biological child at age 47. When it became known about his se …

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