“This is my second shooting”

So far this year, the US has suffered 378 mass shootings. In total, 24,698 people have died by firearm in the country and 22,432 more were injured. The data, from the specialized website Gun Violence Archive, is brutal and affects all types of citizens: poorer and richer, older and younger.

Even children, like little Faris, the star of a viral video in which the youngest, barely eight years old, recounts how she experienced the last shooting in which she was involved. Last, not the first, but the second he faces in his life.

The girl explained in the media what happened last Saturday outside the Nationals Park in Washington, where a shooting took place that forced the cancellation of the baseball game and the evacuation of the place. There were three injured.

After the danger, and when asked as one more witness, Faris Nunn surprised the journalist with words as shared as they were devastating: “I just saw people looking there, and I didn’t know what was happening until I heard someone say “Get down,” so I started to go under the seats, “says Faris, and then, after being asked by the reporter about how she felt, add:” It was my second shooting, so I was somewhat prepared. I’m always waiting for something to happen ”. Faris waited for the questions between jumps, excited, but her reflection shows the effect that violence has had on the girl.

Before the reporter’s disbelief at her words, her mother confirmed what the girl said: “In November there was a shooting at the recreation center in our neighborhood, while we were there, so she had to get under the swings in the park. One person was shot in the head and died, ”he explained.

An intense debate on gun control and police surveillance has started in the US social networks, not only because of the words of the little girl, but because just hours before what happened in the stadium, also in Washington, another girl only six years old, he died in another shooting. An abnormal normality that still no Administration has been able to put a stop to.

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