This is MoneyGO, EnergyGO, HomeGO and SafeGO, the new pillars of ‘the other’ Yoigo

Beyond their role as telecommunications operators, there are already several brands that are exploring new business areas. Electricity, health, security, connected home, mobile banking …. These are some of the fields in which companies such as MásMóvil, Orange or Telefónica have entered in recent months.

Precisely the first of them, MásMóvil, which already had PepeEnergy within Pepephone and EnergyGo within Yoigo, has launched this week the possibility of requesting personal loans for clients of the latter. This option is included within MoneyGO, one of the four services currently offered by the operator. Let’s review them to find out what each of them offers.

MoneyGO: credit card and loans

We could say that the financial service offered by Yoigo has more similarities with Movistar Money than Orange Bank. Under the MoneyGO brand, and through its financial credit institution Xfera Consumer Finance, EFC. S.A., the operator of the MásMóvil Group offers its clients:

Terminal financing.

Personal loans from 3,000 to 60,000 euros with an APR of 5.06%, with terms of
return from 3 to 96 months and without opening commission.

Credit card Without commissions that returns 5 euros per month and gives you 30 euros as a welcome gift.

Soon, the commercialization of checking accounts and debit cards will begin.

MoneyGO products they are managed from a mobile app and they can be contracted -without changing banks- in the operator’s sales channels and in the financial institution’s digital channels.

More information | MoneyGO

EnergyGO: 100% green energy

With EnergyGO, he supplies « light of renewable origin and national production », marketed by Lucera. Yoigo promises an average saving of 20% on the bill thanks to the savings and efficiency tips at home, and a personalized study to adjust your rate. There are three different plans with a power of up to 15 kW.

It has a mobile app to control consumption in detail and can be contracted free of charge in a simple process that, they say, lasts less than 5 minutes and does not require the visit of any technician.

This service is intended for both the domestic market and the self-employed and SMEs, regardless of whether or not you are a customer of the operator. Of course, if you have contracted a product from the operator, you will save the fee of 6 euros per month and you will only pay for the energy and power that you contract.

More information | EnergyGO

HomeGO: a watchdog at home

With the Smart Home service, you can control what happens in your house, as it includes a connected high-definition camera with night vision, presence and aperture sensors, and an alert system that sends you a notice and a video to Telegram if someone enters your home.

It also comes with a Alexa compatible speaker which, in addition to the Amazon assistant functionalities, you can ask to activate or deactivate the alarm and request information about your Yoigo account, such as how much data you have left or what is the amount of your invoices. Its price is 10 euros a month if you have contracted fiber and Yoigo mobile (there is no registration or installation fee).

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SafeGO: protect your digital identity and your phone

Within the insurance segment, the MásMóvil Group offers the following services for Yoigo clients:

Cybersecurity x10: alerts you in case of any cyberattack to your accounts (email, ID, mobile phone numbers and credit or debit cards). For a price of 3 euros per month for Yoigo clients (with a free trial month), it includes protection for ten accounts and insurance with legal help, 24-hour assistance, financial compensation.

Family assistance insurance: legal, legal and psychological advice, travel assistance, medical video consultations, face-to-face consultations with a specialist and insurance in the event of death. It has a price starting at 3 euros per month.

Mobile insurance: when you buy a terminal in Yoigo, the operator gives you mobile insurance for 1 month. Afterwards, it costs from 3.05 euros per month, depending on the value of the device and the coverage.

Screen insurance: in the same way, when you buy a smartphone or tablet at Yoigo, you have 1 free month of screen insurance, whether or not you are a customer of the operator. Afterwards, it costs 6 euros a month. Of course, contracting the insurance is subject to checking the status of the screen through a test through the app ‘Screen Insurance’ (available for iOS and Android).

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