This is Lola Lolita, the most famous ‘tiktoker’ in Spain and Willy Hernangómez’s new girlfriend

Willy Hernangómez is in Spain waiting to find a new destination in the NBA. The Spanish pivot is a free agent, so he waits for an offer that will fill him in every way and excite him to continue growing in the best league in the world. Meanwhile, he personally confirms his relationship with Lola Lolita, the most famous ‘tiktoker’ in Spain that sweeps both Tik Tok and Instagram or YouTube.

They have already been seen several times together and they do not hide it, they publish it on their social networks. But in the last hours they have uploaded photos and videos that directly confirm their romance. The 18-year-old girl is a true star on Tik Tok, where she sweeps her videos among her more than six million followers.

@ lolaloliitaaa @ willyhernangomez 😬

♬ electric love – favsoundds

And not only does he triumph in that social network, he also does so on Instagram with his provocative poses and his videos among his almost two million ‘followers’. A Lola Lolita who does not stop gaining notoriety and who will now do it even more for being a partner of Willy Hernangómez, who now does not separate from her. Meanwhile, the Spanish pivot continues to ponder his future: «I am happy with the opportunity that I have now to be able to choose team in the next two or three days, I am evaluating all the options and looking for a place to continue growing and developing. I like to be in the United States, wherever.

«In the NBA there are always many surprises, you never know where you can be or where you can end up. And what happened with Ricky is a surprise for the better, if in the end my brother also decides to stay in Minnesota, they will keep company, “said Willy, who will have to see if he ‘takes’ his new girlfriend Lola Lolita on her next adventure in United States.