this is how you fly with the Omni Hoverboard

Omni Hoverboard is probably one of the simplest solutions when developing a personal flying vehicle. A total of eight rotors on a platform and coordinated by an Arduino board. No more is needed. Alexandro Duru, the creator of Omni Hoverboard, is actually going to put it up for sale.

Going for the basics to fly seems to have been the goal of its creator. The Omni Hoverboard is uA base with rotors at the bottom to raise the platform and the pilot. Unlike other devices like the FlyBoard Air or like some jetpacks, the Omni Hoverboard hardly has any complex technology. “It’s a matter of the level of thrust,” its creator told DroneDJ.

The Omni Hoverboard does not have any autopilot system, gyros or auto gimbal It all depends on the pilot, who must maintain his balance and therefore stay in the air by himself. The only thing that can be controlled is the level of acceleration, thanks to a small knob that is held in the hand.

There are no details on the range or speed this hoverboard can achieve. For now, as usually happens with this type of product, used more for stunts and demos than for useful applications. In cases like this, autonomy is not a big problem and speed does not matter much on closed tracks.


A commercial version on sale soon

After years of development, the creator of the Omni Hoverboard He plans to put it up for sale. For this, he says that they are preparing a version for customers that can be marketed. While he has not given details about price or when it will arrive, he says it will be a version that can be sold and “used for real”. That is, it will be used beyond acrobatic events.

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This version that is marketed probably includes more standard parts and extra components that allow greater control and above all greater safety when using it. They are not planning to sell it to just anyone either, but to aviation experts or trained pilots. Likewise, it will be marketed more as a device for extreme sports than as a vehicle to go shopping. In any case, it will depend more on the regulatory authorities of each country than on what its creators say.

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