This is how you can take a screenshot

With the Apple computer you can capture the screen in different ways.

If you are new to an Apple Mac, you have probably wondered how to take a screenshot, but you don’t know how to do it.

This is a simple process, and the best part is that there are different ways to do it. Everything will depend on what the user needs or wants to capture on their screen.

Here we explain several ways to capture the screen of your Mac:

Capture the full screen

For this type of capture you need to use the combination of a command with the keyboard. Press the keys Shift + Command + 5 and go to the icon that appears first in the control bar.

After these you will see how the pointer takes the small shape of a camera which will help you capture the screen by clicking anywhere.

It is also possible to do it using the capture button found on the control bar.

Capture a single window

The procedure is almost the same, but in this case, when you combine the keys Shift + Command + 5 you will do a second step, in which you will have to press Option.

Capture a specific area

Here again we must use the combination Shift + Command + 5 to access the control bar and this time you must click on the third option.

Now we drag to the place we want to record the screen and click on Capture.