This is how you can solve the error that prevents you from downloading games on PlayStation 5

Since the launch of Playstation 5 some users reported an error related to the queue downloads. This problem did not allow downloading and installing certain games to the console, but Sony took care of meeting player requests and offered a simple solution to the bug.

Through the Twitter account of Ask PlayStation, the technical support of Sony issued a statement to explain step by step how sort out said error. Users were trying to repair the problem by restarting the console completely to return it to factory settings.

Game downloads already have a solution on PS5

Photo: Ask PlayStation

“If you’ve had trouble downloading games with ‘Queued to download’ or ‘View details’ messages on PS5, update your system software to the latest version, boot your PS5 into safe mode, and then rebuild the database,” it says. the PlayStation statement.

The solution for the error download of games in Playstation 5 comes from the hand of the last upgrade. Once the new version of the system is installed, the technical support suggests starting the console in Safe Mode and for this it is necessary to press the power button for seven seconds.

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After pressing the button, the console will emit a second sound, so you must connect the control with the USB cable and press the PS button. After these steps, the menu will appear on the screen. Safe Mode, and there you must select the option ‘Rebuild the database‘.

Safe mode allows you to start the PS5 only with the most basic functions, as they are designed to solve problems with a build of the storage database, and in this way forcibly resets the system settings factory.