Facebook joins Instagram or Twitter, which already had that option on their platform.

This mode allows saving battery power in the devices.

What had finally been announced is a reality: Facebook launches its dark mode for iOS and Android mobile screens, which helps that the user is not so exposed to the light of the smart device and that it also saves energy, since in the case of cell phones with a screen with OED technology, the pixels turn off completely to switch to the black screen.

The news comes within the controversy unleashed in recent days when a series of prestigious brands withdrew advertising from Facebook, arguing that the social network is permissive in racial attacks and does not have clear filters to solve this situation.

There has been a lot of discussion about cell phone light and how it could cause damage to your eyes or your sleep cycle. Be that as it may, this option (which is not yet available for all devices) allows you to adjust the color of the screen to the way the user wishes for their comfort.

Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter already have this option, so it was not surprising that it was a matter of time before Facebook also incorporated this function on mobile devices. Even Wikipedia, Telegram or Messenger were already part of those digital spaces that had the dark mode.

How is this option enabled?

It is very simple, just follow these steps:

Enter the settings section (you can locate it in the three vertical lines placed in the upper right corner).
Go to Settings and privacy and choose the option that says dark mode.

The need to innovate

Facebook, like many other social networks, has a permanent need to create a better user experience to continue captivating their attention, especially taking into account that it is one of the spaces where most people interact in the digital ocean.

Practically the lives of many people are spent in interaction through social networks, whether for business or interpersonal relationships. Knowing this, the Silicon Valley giant is forced to improve the digital interaction of its public through this series of improvements.

The social network competes to remain one of the preferred users and the incorporation of this function is proof of this, since it ensures the fidelity and comfort of the public by making them feel cared for. It must be remembered that much has been said about prolonged exposure to mobile devices as a cause of eyestrain and in general on a physical level. In various ways no one can complain about this improvement.

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