This is how Yoigo’s new fiber and mobile combinations are compared to Movistar, Vodafone and Orange

By the end of 2020, four major phone brands have renewed in recent months a large part of their rates, with a culmination that has come this week, when Yoigo has presented an expected improvement of conditions.

Expected, for three reasons. Because Yoigo usually waits for his birthday in December to reveal a deeper renewal. Because after the arrival of unlimited data to the competition, your offer it was out of date. And because it was the only brand of the MásMóvil group that was missing for respond to the low cost onslaught of the competition, and to which Pepephone, MásMóvil and Llamaya had already reacted.

As far as large tariff movements are concerned, it could be said that 2020 has come to an end. An atypical year, in which operators have ended up making old rates more expensive in exchange for improvements, as has been the case for the last five years, but they have also released new (optional) rates that are cheaper, at least on Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo. Movistar made them more expensive at the beginning of the year, but the arrival of unlimited gigabytes has made them more competitive than some of their peers in rival operators.

Cheap Vodafone, family Yoigo, unlimited Movistar and Orange football

Going into detail, of the rates without unlimited data, it will be Vodafone yu who has the cheapest, with the fastest fiber, with unlimited landline, and with the advantage of including unlimited data in social networks and messaging apps. On the other hand, it is the only operator that does not offer installment mobiles with these types of rates. The price for 15 and 25 GB is 45 and 50 euros respectively.

Of the rest of the operators, Yoigo stands out for including two mobile lines with unlimited minutes and 15 GB shared for 49 euros, so it has the offer cheaper for families. Instead, it also has the least competitive television service. The Orange and Movistar rates will be the ones that are somewhat more expensive in this case, but nothing alarming for those who prefer any of their coverage.

None of the cheaper rates, without unlimited data, is compatible with the decoder for the TV.

With unlimited data, Vodafone has set the lowest price at 55 euros, but it is also the only one that has the speed limited to 2 Mbps in that price range. For 59 euros, Yoigo has no speed limitation, although it applies a restriction on the quality of the streaming video to SD. In addition, it includes two mobile lines with unlimited minutes and data on both lines.

At a difference of 9 euros, for 68 euros, Movistar has an unlimited data rate no restrictions speed or video quality. It also includes a package of television with more than 80 channels (37 premium) and it is the only one that does not have any permanence. The rest of Movistar rates provides more premium channels, but maintains intact fiber and mobile conditions.

In the case of Orange, its cheapest unlimited rate starts at 80 euros, and it has limited streaming quality of video to HD, but stands out for including two mobile lines. From Yoigo, the other family operator, they separate 21 euros a month, but in exchange, the video playback is of higher quality, fiber is three times faster, and includes the Orange Channel and DTT channels to watch from Multi-device Orange TV. The rest of Orange’s tariffs add more television content, but they also do not provide improvements in the mobile line.

Vodafone has two other unlimited rates, with a speed of 10 Mbps for 65 euros, or at 5G maximum speed for 75 euros. In both cases with a promotion that includes HBO, Amazon Prime and 24 premium channels for 12 months.

The full conditions, including gigs and final prices are as summarized in the following comparison with all the details and the fine print:

Mobile-only rates in Movistar, Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo

In addition to convergent offers, operators have also significantly modified the mobile contract rates in recent months, with improvements that practically replicate what has already been seen for fiber and mobile combined.

No unlimited data, Vodafone continues to have the best conditions for rates below 25 euros, while with unlimited data, Yoigo gets the cheapest offer and video in SD, Vodafone with the cheapest with speed restrictions and Movistar with the cheapest without restrictions.

Vodafone and Orange also have unlimited data without restrictions, but they are 8 euros more expensive than Movistar, although they include free HBO (and 24 premium channels) or Amazon Prime respectively for a year. In addition, they also apply greater discounts on the sale of mobile phones in installments.

In terms of compatibilities and incompatibilities, Vodafone will be the only operator that allows adding packages of premium television to view in multi-device, Orange the only one that includes a free multiSIM * and Yoigo the one with the ** cheapest additional mobile lines.

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