This is how Turkey’s quotas are

06/09/2021 at 9:34 PM CEST

Ronald Goncalves

This Friday, the soccer teams of Turkey and Italy will meet to begin with the group stage matches of the Euro 2020, thus establishing Roberto Mancini’s squad as the favorite to win the first three points of the tournament.

In this regard, the bookmakers quote the victory of the four-time world champions at 1.5, while the conquest of the Turks is valued at 8.5. For its part, a possible tie between the two combined brings with it 3.9 euros per euro invested, being a result that has already been repeated in their last two games.

However, the general record leans favorably towards the azzurri, who accumulate seven victories and three draws over the Turkish squad. Furthermore, when it comes to European performance, they have been champions in an edition (1968) and runners-up in two more (2000 and 2012), while ‘the sultansfind their most notable participation in the semi-finals of Euro 2008.

In short, a victory of Italy on Turkey this Friday June 11, the day a Euro 2020 whose end is scheduled for July 11.

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