It has taken us eight films and approximately eleven years to accept that in the Fast and Furious films we will hardly find scientific precision and realism on wheels, so the notion of even imagining Dominic Toretto on an adventure through outer space certainly results in something. very exciting. The casual audience and fans are already fastening their seat belts and putting on their pressure helmets to take the leap of faith and fully surrender to the action of the ninth installment, but many still wonder what events would lead to the characters of the franchise to an out of this world adventure.

Fortunately, there are already some answers to these questions. Of course with the release of F9 still far in the distance, the most that can be done at the moment is to generate exciting theories that try to bring clarity to the disbelief of the fans. One of them ensures that Toretto will come out of retirement to board a satellite whose mission is to severely harm the world.

So far we know that John Cena will be the great antagonist of the long-awaited film; we also know that his character is Jakob Toretto, one of the lost brothers of Vin Diesel’s character who turns out to be an agile driver, assassin and professional thief. For her part, Charlize Theron will return to her villainous role as Cipher, so surely their union will involve the hijacking of an armed satellite ready to attack millions of people.

SR theory explains that:

The fate of the furious has already introduced hijacked submarines and missiles. With a cyber terrorist at the helm, there are many ways Cipher and Jakob could put the entire world in danger. It is possible that there is a super weapon or a threatening satellite located in the space that Cipher controls. Seeing that Dom is so connected to the threat based on his family relationship with Jakob, he may feel like it’s his responsibility to stop them.

Moonraker followed a similar plot, focusing on James Bond’s space travel after he investigated a space shuttle robbery. The shuttle was hijacked to carry out a plan that would destroy the world’s population in order to recreate the human race. The scope of Fast & Furious may not be that wide, but it is possible that it is a kidnapping that threatens a segment of society. With the franchise drawing ideas from some of the most famous action series, it would not be surprising to see elements of James Bond in F9 and together. Whatever happens before the saga closes, it will certainly have viewers on the edge of their seats.

All these theories are the product of previous rumors that ensure that the new installment will have an action sequence located in space. At first it was the actor Ludacris who accidentally revealed that something would have related between the ninth chapter and the space.

Later it was Michelle Rodriguez who was surprised when a media asked her about the potential sequence and she commented that it was a surprise that no one should have known about.

F9 was pushed back from its original release date of the first quarter of this year due to the pandemic. Now he hopes to reach theaters and take the public on a trip off the planet, next April 2021.

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