This is how they tried to ‘flirt’ Rihanna without knowing it was her

The singer managed to go unnoticed in the crowd with a mask and sunglasses, to the point that one of the protesters was encouraged to ask her for her phone number to continue talking to her later after they struck up a conversation, without realizing it. that he was dealing with one of the most famous stars in the world.

As you can see in a video that is now circulating on social networks, Rihanna responded very tactfully that she could not give her personal contact information, but proposed an alternative: to follow her through Instagram so that they could send private messages. and he even offered to type his username on his new friend’s cell phone.

The stranger joked with her a bit while doing so by jokingly telling her that he could press the screen with his fingers without any fear upon realizing that the artist was using her knuckles, to which she calmly replied that it was impossible for her because she was wearing false nails.