this is how their emblematic helmets were created and function

Creating a midpoint that divides fiction from reality was the first purpose of generating a new identity.

Respected your unwavering spirit of doing everything right, Daft punk announced that it is separating after 28 years. The announcement was made through a moving video that emulates the 2006 movie Electroma. Therefore, we have no choice but to enjoy the incredible music that they leave us. In addition to remembering the creation of one of its most original stamps, its robotic helmets.

When Daft Punk started, the identity of the duo made up of Thomas bangalter Y Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, it was not hidden. However, there was a time when they began to experiment with black bags on their heads. Then it evolved with masks and wigs, until the idea of ​​helmets was finalized.

What beyond being a few simple helmets to hide the face, the idea they always had was to merge robotics with the human. They turned to a man from Alterian Inc named Thomas Gardner. This character, according to Usonica, had worked in the special effects of well-known films in the 90s.

The idea of ​​Daft Punk was to show « the existing duality in the post-modern world between man and machine ». So your Alterian Inc contributor just shaped it. Perhaps you did not imagine that you were one of the participants of an icon in pop culture.

Daft Punk helmets

Both musicians constantly declared that the helmet was their true identity and that they wanted people to see them as robots making music. However, it is also true that there was a high degree of shyness due to the physical appearance of each one.

Therefore, their purpose was for people to focus on their sound productions and not on how they looked. The truth is that the helmets did not go unnoticed either, because they became his personal hallmark.

So much so that since 2005, according to El Mundo, they decided to never show their faces in public again. Although, on the Internet it is easy to find photographs in which his face appears.

With the departure of Daft Punk, another piece of the good times of those born between the mid-80s and early 90s goes away. The duo left music that spanned various genres, but they were always faithful to their non-negotiable style.