This is how the two unreleased songs by Álex Casademunt sound

It has been a little over a month since the life of Alex Casademunt It will come to an end after a terrible car accident. The speed, as reported by official sources of the investigation to 20 minutes, could have been the cause of the frontal collision that ended the singer’s career and orphaned a three-year-old girl.

Since then, the family has tried to sort through the memories thanks to the selfless support of fans and followers that, every day since their departure, they send messages of condolence and concern.

Many of them also ask about the album of unpublished songs that Casademunt recorded before he died and that, against all odds, will continue not to be published by the express wish of the family. They are not prepared for promotion and impact you can have listen to their songs by all means.

Two of the songs, to which this newspaper has had access, are the faithful reflection of a life fighting for romantic love and to get rid of problems. In one, the most harmonious and vital, Álex says he knows joy when he says: “I have been sad more times than I should, but enough is enough, I swear that it is not enough for me that a lie can destroy the rest of truth“; and gives a cry of hope to those who are going through difficult times:” Enough, the mornings are clear, nothing else is enough. “

In the other, a ballad of exciting twists, Casademunt sings of that love that ends but which he clings to to continue living: “You’re leaving and there is no other choice, just give me a chance, please”, says the lyrics repeatedly. Two works of art that, when made public, will make people cry, perhaps because of the foreboding of their message, perhaps because of that talent that not everyone knew how to see.