This is how the Spanish team’s penalty shoot-out against Switzerland was forged

07/03/2021 at 08:01 CEST

Jordi Gil – Saint Petersburg (Special Envoy)

“When I asked for pitchers I had plenty of hands,” explained Luis Enrique at the end of the match against Switzerland on the penalty shootout procedure. The Asturian recognized that in the extension has already begun to plan the maximum penalties and, therefore, gave entry to Rodri and Thiago in the last bars. It must have been some of the pitchers, although the oldest of the Alcantara finally ran out of shooting.

Already with the time fulfilled, Lucho had a list of seven footballers and asked for volunteers. “The players have decided,” said the coach. Busquets, Dani Olmo, Rodri, Gerard Moreno and Oyarzabal it was the brave who took responsibility.

The players had been psyched for a long time before a hypothetical penalty shoot-out. Just concentrate on Las Rozas On May 31, Luis Enrique was asked to rehearse every day from 11 meters. And so they have done regularly after the sessions. Lucho is somewhat skeptical in this work because “you cannot recreate the situation of a match in training”, but he emphasizes that “penalties are not a lotteryto”.

Having missed the two penalties of this Euro Cup in 2021, Morata and Gerard Moreno, made them work even more on this facet and against Switzerland they reaped the fruits.

On the other side of the equation of the batch was Unai Simón. Luis Enrique’s staff stands out for being a leader in technology and study. José Sambade is the new goalkeeping coach, replacing José Manuel Ochototerano, and is in love with applying the most modern techniques in goal to the team.

The preparation of Unai Simón

Unai Simón reported that he was reviewing the Swiss launches on Friday morning and this served as a reference. In addition, he received a motivational talk from Luis Enrique that ended up putting him in a situation. “Be yourself. If you feel like you must move on the line, do it, if you have to pull over, too. Do what you feel. “The council instilled enormous confidence in . goal, who debuted two maximum penalties and forced a third to go through the roof.

The circle was closed by Joaquín Valdés, the national team psychologist. “It has helped the players to face situations of maximum tension”, commented Luis Enrique. Valdés is a basic element of the staff, always by Luis Enrique’s side, advising and giving advice so that the mind does not play tricks. His influence is very positive for the whole team.

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