This is how the record of the Copa del Rey remains after the victory of Real Sociedad

The Real society has conquered this Saturday the Copa del Rey after beating the Athletic Club (0-1) in the final played after a long wait at the La Cartuja Stadium (Seville). In the track record of the Copa del Rey continues to lead as the most awarded team the Barcelona, with 30 titles; followed by Athletic club (23) and thirdly, the Real Madrid, with 19 cups in that competition. The Cup returns to San Sebastián after 34 years.

The Real society happens to Valencia as champion of the King’s Cup, after a historic final between the two Basque teams. The outcome has been long in coming, but the King’s Cup 2020 it finally has an owner and will look proud in the Basque club’s showcases. A historic victory for the txuri-urdín team that comes 34 years after the last one, but that does not alter the order of the Cup’s record.

The Barcelona, with his 30 titles won in the so-called KO tournament. Second, the Athletic club, with 23, and completes the podium on Real Madrid, with 19 Cups. For its part, Real society it remains in tenth place with 3, but has broken the tie that it had until now with Betis and Deportivo, both with two winged in the Copa del Rey.

The Real society reign again in the Copa del Rey 34 years later. Although, his reign will be short, because on April 17 the final of the Copa del Rey 2021 will be played. A new occasion for him Athletic club to expand his record if he beats Barcelona in an exciting duel between the two kings of the competition.

Record of the Copa del Rey:

Barcelona (30)

Athletic Club (23)

Real Madrid (19)

Atlético de Madrid (10)

Valencia (8)

Real Zaragoza (6)

Seville (5)

Espanyol (4)

Royal Union (4)

Royal Society (3)