This is how the next folding will look according to Evan Blass

Samsung introduced the Galaxy S21 family a few months ago, seeing the brand’s crown jewels there. At least in the first half of 2021, because although we do not know what will happen to the Galaxy Note this year, what it seems that there will be are new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, at least because of the leaks.

And what leaks. The last ones are from Evan Blass, one of the main exponents in this to advance data “of strangis” and above all to get it right, especially in relation to supposed official images as are the ones he has shown this time. In them we see what would be the next folding devices from Samsung in detail, being able to see to what extent they resemble their predecessors, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Repeating the formula (apparently)

From both phones we already had some supposed leaked data, some quite interesting such as the fact that The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 would be the first folding with an under-screen camera. That is, a camera that is hidden as we saw in the ZTE Axon 20 5G, without resorting to notch or a hole in the screen.

But on this it seems that Blass’s leak is a jug of cold water. In the supposed Z Fold 3 we see that the camera is placed in what would be the center of one of the halves of the folding or internal screen, poking out with a hole and in an apparently clonic way to that of the Z Fold 2.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 HoleSamsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Hole The front camera on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

We do not know how this would have been addressed in the new Flip, since although the leak includes detailed images, of this mobile there is only one and does not appear fully open. But for consistency it is possible to think that the front camera will also be inserted with a hole in the screen and also centered on the upper edge.

What we see clearly is that this latest installment of folding would seat the two variants of Samsung folding. That is, the clamshell or shell type format (the Flip) and the hybrid between mobile and small tablet or book type (the Fold).

What this filtration does maintain with respect to the previous ones is that the Z Fold 3 would be S Pen compatible. Something that ceased to be exclusive to the Note with the S21 and that with this that exclusivity would still be diluted a little more.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: we tested the case with S Pen Smart Clear View

On this, comment that it is not appreciated that there is a slot that incorporates it in the mobile itself as in the Note and that it seems an approximation more similar to what we saw in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. And also, seeing that the text “Fold Edition” appears silkscreened, it gives the impression that it would be an exclusive pointer for this terminal, probably with differences in the tip.

At the design level, we see that in the Fold 3 the corners would be at all times at an angle, without the metal edge showing the notch that in the Z Fold 2 was drawn at the height of the cameras. Of course, said rear camera module apparently it will be more compact.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 NotchSamsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Notch The notch on the edge on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

As for the Galaxy Z Flip 3, as we mentioned we have less super data because there is only one image where the device is seen. It appears semi-closed, showing secondary screen and its rear cameras, seeing two lenses.

What has not been talked about is the specifications, but for precedents we hope that they both stand in the line of flagships from the brand with top-of-the-line processors and plenty of RAM, plus UFS 3.1 storage and a main camera with a high-resolution sensor. Theirs would also be that the Z Fold 3 included a secondary screen on the outside, something that was also one of the qualitative leaps of the Fold 2 with respect to the original Galaxy Fold.

So we will have to wait longer to see if this is true and to know if they will follow these lines at the specification level. Perhaps we will know something soon, since Samsung has an event planned for this atypical MWC (in fact, the brand is one of the great absentees at the face-to-face level) convened to next June 28, with which there could be related surprises soon.

Image | Evan blass

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