This is how the new Madrid Mobility Ordinance will finally be (and its restrictions)


The City Council approves a new improved Central Madrid that will be launched from next January 1.

Martínez-Almeida’s team has just approved the new Mobility Ordinance of Madrid For which the urban nucleus of the capital will become from next January 1, 2022 into a large Low Emissions Zone, as determined by the Climate Change Law for cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants. In effect, this measure fixes the defects of form of the Central Madrid devised by Carmena and annulled by the Supreme Court in May.

The end of unlabeled cars in Madrid is near

The Ordinance will reach its climax in 2025, when the total prohibition of circulation for Type A vehicles without environmental label. These vehicles (gasoline models registered before 2000 and diesel before 2006) are considered the most polluting and as of 2022 those who are not registered in Madrid will be prohibited from accessing and circulating inside the M-30. Starting in March, those who disobey will receive sanctions. A year later they will not even be able to circulate on the M-30 and in 2024 the restriction will be extended to all public roads in the municipality. In 2025, the ban will also affect those registered in the Madrid city council.

Likewise, the new Ordinance two Low Emission Zones of Special Protection for improve air quality: Downtown District and Plaza Elíptica.

Access to restricted areas will be controlled, as up to now, by means of cameras and neighbors will continue to have up to 20 invitations to distribute among those who request them to enter.

For its part, the SER zone will be enlarged with 5% more green squares and, if finally approved, with 20 new neighborhoods: Peñagrande (Fuencarral-El Pardo); Valdezarza (Moncloa-Aravaca); Los Cármenes and Puerta del Ángel (Latina); Opañel, San Isidro (Carabanchel); Zofío and Pradolongo (Usera); Sales, Pueblo Nuevo, Quintana, Concepción, San Pascual, San Juan Bautista, Colina, Atalaya and Costillares (Ciudad Lineal). And completely in the neighborhoods of Comillas (Carabanchel); Almendrales and Moscardó (Usera.)

Regarding bikes and scooters, those under 18 years of age will be required to wear a helmet. In addition, the rental motorcycles will not be able to park on the sidewalks.

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