Ford unveiled new website designed to grow fan community for new Ford Bronco

The arrival of Rough, the new SUV of Ford, keeps all fans of the expected vehicle excited, since once available in the market it will not only seek to achieve a high level of sales, but also plans to compete with the Jeep wrangler, betting on the creation of a solid community of owners who can share experiences, experiences and much knowledge about their cars.

To achieve this goal, Ford launched a new website called TheBroncoNation, in which the owners can meet, schedule meetings, offer advice, create help forums, sell items related to the model, create routes, and all kinds of joint activities that strengthen friendship ties, thus creating a society as strong as the one that currently carries the Jeep Wrangler.

Ford Bronco.
Credit: PxHere.

For now access to the portal is only available to the United States, although, according to the MotorpasiĆ³n portal, when the model is launched, and depending on the success it has in other regions, access to members of all will probably be gradually released. the world.

The launch of the new Ford Bronco was scheduled for him 2020 New York Auto Show, and that it would take place from April 10 to 19, but due to the health emergency of the coronavirus, the launch was postponed and so far no new date has been defined.

Ford Bronco.
Credit: Pixabay.

The new website TheBroncoNation has a good chance of being a great success, since the SUV of Ford It has a great history and a huge legion of followers who are looking forward to your arrival.


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