This is how the Lucira COVID-19 All-In-One works, the first rapid home test

Given the continuous increase in cases in the United States, with figures that exceed 100,000 infections a day, and in view of the long queues to get a PCR test, the American country has taken one more step to achieve tests in a simple and massive way without crowds. Are The Lucira COVID-19 All-In-One, a self-test or quick self-diagnostic test, which can be done from start to finish from home.

The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been in charge of approving the implementation of these tests homemade and highly reliable. “Until now, diagnostic tests have been authorized to collect samples at home, but this is the first test that also provides results at home”Explains Stephen M. Hahn, commissioner of the agency, in a statement.

As the doctor says, In just 30 minutes you can have the results without having to leave your home, even though yes a prescription is necessary before it can be carried out. However, if this practice spreads, it can be a great way to help healthcare personnel and avoid becoming so overloaded.

The characteristics of the new test

Once you have the medical prescription, You are given a kit, from the biotechnology company Lucira Health, which is not free, about $ 50 in price, and can only be used once. The person has to use a swab, rub it into the nostrils, then put it in a vial with chemical reagents and leave it in a cartridge which processes the sample and gives you the result.

Is a technique very similar to PCR, with a method called LAMP, which also copies the genetic material of the virus several times until it reaches levels that can be detected. As reported by Lucira Health, to develop this test A study has been carried out with more than 1,000 people with symptoms, and the test identified 94.1% of the infections, which had already been previously diagnosed with a PCR. Therefore, it has a proven high reliability.

The only problem this test could have is that it is not known if it would be able to detect asymptomatic or people with little severity in symptoms, so that it still needs to be perfected to become like a PCR.

Who can do it and what to do next

In addition to needing the aforementioned prescription from a doctor, for now The FDA only allows people over 14 to use this test, so that children do have to go to a health center and have a PCR.

As has been said, one of the great advantages is that you have the results in 30 minutes and you can quickly self-quarantine instead of leading a normal life, as can happen with other tests that take longer to communicate whether or not you are positive.

In case of positive, the person must isolate himself for ten days. And furthermore, as the FDA statement reports, You also have to inform the doctor who has written the prescription, so that he can notify the health authorities and thus be able to investigate the closest contacts or those who may have been close to the infected person and become infected as well.