This is how the internet reacted to the new Mortal Kombat trailer

By Rodolfo León 0 COMMENTS 02/18/2021 4:55 pm

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As we had anticipated a few days ago, the first trailer for the new movie of Mortal Kombat it was finally released today. Since we were shown the first images of the film, fans seem to have reacted positively to the choice of actors and characterization, but how did they react to the trailer?

In general, it seems that everyone is very satisfied with what was shown to us recently, although being a video game adaptation, fans are also quite skeptical. Here we share some reactions:

“I can’t with how good it looks when Sub-Zero lowers Scorpion’s arm, freezes the blood, catches it in midair, and stabs him with it.”

The movie of Mortal Kombat will premiere on April 16 in select theaters and HBO Max.


Via: ComicBook

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