With WWDC already in the rearview mirror, it’s time to roll call and see which filters have scored better or worse in their predictions. With the keynote focused solely on software, we can already discard all the rumors that placed new equipment and products for this WWDC. Let’s see how this classification has been.

Gurman and Prosser: day and night of the leaker scene

Table Leaks Wwdc 2020

Looking at the table above, it is clear that there are two filters that stand out from the rest: Gurman and Prosser. Although they do it for different reasons. Mark Gurman has spent several years working on the leak of secrets from Apple, both software and hardware.

His level of success perfectly reflects that experience. The three great Gurman exclusives have been fulfilled: presentation of the plans around the Mac with ARM, putting email apps and browser by default in iOS 14 and sleep monitoring in watchOS 7. The latter was predicted in 2019 by 2020, which has been fulfilled this WWDC . This earned the researcher being signed in 2016 by Bloomberg from ..

Apple WatchApple Watch

Getting supposedly reliable information is relatively easy. The question is to know which is good and which is not

Jon Prosser, instead, has failed in all predictions made for WWDC. Much of his prediction was based on the announcement of new hardware, which has finally failed. Prosser expected to see AirPods Studio at $ 349 price, AirTags and new MacBook Pro.

On the software side, the youtuber stated that iOS would be renamed iPhoneOS. He also added that watchOS 7 could detect panic attacks. Both things have not materialized either.

Prosser rose to fame a few months ago for correctly predicting the launch of iPhone SE. On March 31, he claimed that the “iPhone 9” would be released on April 15 and would be released on April 22 (the first date was correct, although the actual launch was on April 24). It also hit the launch of a new 13-inch MacBook Pro two hours before its announcement.

Successes and failures of the other leaks

macOS big surmacOS big sur

In Prosser’s case, we must also say that shortly before WWDC claimed that new hardware had been discarded in the keynote. Leaving aside the protagonists of this round of leaks, there are other names that we should pay attention to:

Filipe Esposito, editor at ., has been successful in predicting four great innovations: the arrival of CarKey, widgets, translator and greater integration with Pencil in Safari. The translator ended up being an independent app and the stylus support finally reached the entire operating system. Twitter user L0vetodream was correct in all his predictions for WWDC, although he did so with few hours to spare. The Big Sur name, the redesign of the macOS UI, improvements in Safari, the absence of hardware, sleep monitoring and handwashing in watchOS 7 are some of its successes. The French website iPhoneSoft He agreed that iOS 14 would support all devices with iOS 13.

As for the most outstanding failures, in addition to Prosser twe have Sonny Dickinson. Dickinson predicted iMac inspired by the iPad Pro, with few frames, T2 chip, AMD Navi GPU and saying goodbye to the Fusion Drive.

We tested the widgets in the iOS 14 beta: good feelings in the first days of use

What is clear is that in the world of leaks you have to walk with lead feet. Successes in the past do not translate into successes in the present. Of course, Prosser’s predictions have been the hardest hit. It will have a new opportunity at the end of the year with the iPhone 12 and Apple Glass.

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