A couple of months ago, in the midst of the health crisis, the group The Flaming Lips held a presentation before a select audience, each individual —whether a musician or spectator— sheltered within their own giant bubble. This made more than one question whether this is how massive musical events would be from now on, in the context of the coronavirus. However, the first concert in the UK – which took place this week – has shown that you don’t need hamster spheres to enforce healthy distance.

On the night of this Tuesday, June 11 (local time), the British singer Sam fender he starred in an open-air concert, which was attended by approximately 2,500 people. It took place at the Virgin Money Unity Arena, located in the city of Newcastle, in the northeast of England. This is considered to be the first entertainment event —attentive to healthy distance measurements— that has occurred in that country since the detonation of the pandemic (via).

According to reports, logistics conceived 500 seating sections —Each one, with a space limited to five people— in the public area, appropriately spaced and delimited by metal fences.

Within this article you will find a video that brings together different clips of the concert. A curious panoramic shows how the healthy distance did not embitter the spirits of the spectators, who sing and jump within their respective sections. Sam Fender and other musicians are also shown away from each other on stage, while the multi-colored lights and fireworks are a constant.

Check out some reactions to the event that have emerged in the last hours, via Twitter:

« No, I think I would rather wear a mask », answers the user @CosmoMedow to the question of whether she would pay to see her favorite band through the format adopted for the Sam Fender concert.

“The fact that people complain about the Sam Fender concert last night shows how ungrateful people are. We are in the middle of a GLOBAL pandemic and that is the only way you can go to a concert right now. Do you prefer that or no live music? « 

“Living in Newcastle, there was a lot of talk about Sam Fender’s socially estranged gig last night. People who start off by saying it looked like shit need to stop. I am sick of negativity. Well done, Sam. It looked fabulous. I was devastated for not getting tickets.

Good effort, but Without the physical, the interaction, and the community, is this really a « concert »?»

« It needs to improve, but it’s a start … »

Would you pay to attend a concert with similar logistics in order to respect the healthy distance?

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