Sharing a single body has not been an impediment to Abigail and Brittany Hensel living their lives to the fullest and achieving all their goals.

Despite the fact that doctors rejected the idea of ​​a healthy life for Siamese women, they have come out of various physical difficulties and a rather complicated operation. Today, 29 years later, they have surprised the entire world with their dynamism and strength.

The little ones were born on March 7, 1990 in the city of Minnesota. The day they arrived they brought a huge surprise to their parents, who were expecting only a baby. Although the Hensel family did not have this news, since ultrasounds had never shown signs of twins or malformations, they immediately fell in love with them when they finally met them.

Childbirth had come naturally, but the first few minutes of their lives were crucial; because statistically only one of the Siamese people manages to survive because of failures in their vital organs.

Even with the low probability of life, her parents never considered the option of separating them, since this implied the death of one of them or the incapacity of both. This is how Abby and Brittany fought for their lives at all times, managing to spend the best moments of their lives together.

The parents of the Siamese women always sought a healthy space for them, but at the same time they wanted them to grow up as normal girls, so they enrolled them in a regular school where they learned not only about the subjects, but about how to lead their lives before the society.

Doctors do not explain how their lives function normally because their bodies consist of two heads, two arms and legs, two vertebral columns, three lungs, two hearts, a liver, two stomachs, three kidneys, a common circulatory system. and shared sexual organs.

Such is the connection that exists between them, that they are able to read their minds or feel hungry and thirsty even when one of them does not.

Despite the fact that they live their lives in the best possible way, Abby and Brittany frequently go to medical consultations with surgeons, pediatricians and neurologists to ensure their health.

On one occasion Abby’s growth began to develop at an accelerated rate, causing her spine to overstretch, which could fracture her chest. Fortunately the doctors were able to stop the growth and saved the girls’ lives, now Brittany tiptoes frequently.

Although they share the same body, their personalities are completely different. Abby is much calmer and more reserved than Brittany, who loves the company of her friends.

Today, Abby and Brittany work at an elementary school teaching classes in different subjects. Both studied university to become teachers, since they share a love for children and teaching.

Thanks to their attitude, their effort and their ability to make decisions, Abby and Brittany have managed to cope with the adversities that their bodies have given them.

They were open to giving their testimony for many years, so that people would know about them and not be judged. However, a couple of years ago they decided to get out of the public eye to get on with their lives on a regular basis.