One of the great criticisms that has fallen on Microsoft with Windows 10, 8 and 7 is how the system has forced millions of users to update at the most inopportune moment. The cause of the complaints was that it was not easy or convenient to pause updates directly, so in many cases, when we wanted to turn off the laptop, the system forced us to wait while it was being updated.

By the way, this has been improving since 2015, but it was not until the launch of Windows 10 May 2020 Update, or Windows 10 2004, when the company has finally enabled the ability to skip updating on shutdown and restart, adding options to restart and shutdown the machine without going through the tedious process.

How this simple function works

Windows 10

As we see in the image with the Start / Shutdown menu displayed, Microsoft now allows us to Update and shutdown, Shutdown, Update and restart and Restart. It is these functions simply, without the “Update” that will calm the spirits of many users, who continue to “suffer” the long update processes.

It should also be mentioned that Microsoft has also added these controls to the classic Windows shutdown menu that appears with the Alt + F4 shortcut., when there is no longer any open window. This is how the options in that window now look.

Windows 10 ShutdownWindows 10 Off

On the other hand, for all those users who are not yet in the last big update of Windows 10, it must be remembered that the system allows in previous versions (since May 2019 Update) to pause the updates for 7 days.

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It is not as direct a function as the other two, because it is “hidden” in Windows Update, but without a doubt will help those more advanced users who want to avoid updating for a longer time, they can do it comfortably.


The new version of Windows 10 no longer requires updating the computer when shutting down and restarting: this is how the expected function works