This is how the economic prizes are distributed in the Eurocup

06/11/2021 at 6:30 AM CEST

Javier Giraldo – Amsterdam (Special Envoy)

As with European club competitions, the national teams participating in the Eurocup are entitled to receive a series of financial prizes for their presence in the tournament, in addition to a bonus for their athletic performance.

In the case of the European Championship that starts this Friday in Rome, UEFA has planned a total of 371 million euros to distribute in prizes, an increase of 70 million compared to the tournament that was played five years ago in France.

An insured minimum of 9.25 ‘kilos’

Each of the 24 qualified teams already has a guaranteed income of 9.25 million euros for participating.

In addition, each victory in the group stage is rewarded with 1.5 million euros and each draw, with 750,000, figures higher than the 2016 edition, when the wins and draws were awarded with 1 million and 500,000 euros, respectively.

Qualify for the eighth it is an extra two million euros. The rooms are awarded 3.25 million, while the four semifinalists will get 5 million euros each.

The runner-up will get 7 million euros more, while the winner will add a plus of 10 million euros.

To these amounts we must add the distribution of television rights, which will be distributed among the four best of the tournament and whose numbers have not been disclosed.

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