This is how the car was after its spectacular accident

Tiger Woods has suffered a spectacular accident with his vehicle in Los Angeles. The cameras have already collected the state in which his car was left and after being rescued with hydraulic tweezers, the golfer has been taken by ambulance to the hospital where he is being operated after having suffered serious injuries to his legs, as confirmed by his agent.

Tiger Woods, 45, was involved in a ‘Single vehicle rollover traffic collision’, the LASD said, in a car that “sustained significant damage.”

After being “rescued from the accident,” Woods he was “taken to a local hospital by ambulance for his injuries,” added LASD, confirming that it is already conducting an investigation into the accident.

Details of the injuries sustained by Tiger Woods, a 15-time major winner, were not released in the first LASD statement.

Operated after suffering serious leg injuries

Tiger Woods he is undergoing surgery after suffering serious leg injuries as a result of an accident that has paralyzed the world. His agent confirmed that the legendary golfer has suffered the main damage to his legs and the next few hours will be key to verify his evolution and how these injuries can affect his career.