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The PlayStation 5 is already dated and priced, so more details on the launch of the console are emerging. One of them was the design of the boxes, which we can see thanks to some stores.

As you can see, the PlayStation 5 box has a very sober design, presenting only a photo of the console on a colored background that has the symbols of the PlayStation controller. It also reveals that it is a console with support for 4K, HDR and 8K video output.

An interesting point is that Sony designed the boxes so that you can easily differentiate which one corresponds to the PlayStation 5 and which is the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. They did this by simply changing the color of the background. On the PlayStation 5 it is white, while on the box of the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition it is black.

You can see the boxes below:

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PlayStation 5 will arrive on November 12. You can learn more about Sony’s next-generation console by clicking here.