This is how spectacular a match between Saitama from One Punch-Man and the Hulk would be

This is how spectacular a fight between Saitama from One Punch-Man and the Hulk would be

This confrontation between Saitama and Hulk is what every fan wants to see

It’s very clear that one of the most powerful characters in all anime, especially in the shonen genre, is Saitama from One Punch-Man. And on the part of the comics universe, especially the Marvel publishing house, one of the characters with incalculable power is the Hulk.

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However, have you ever wondered, who would win a showdown between Saitama and Hulk?

Well, a designer, illustrator and digital artist known as KangJason, has exposed a drawing to the public where put these warriors to the test, creating a unprecedented showdown between these two titans. You can see the details below.

The epic showdown between Saitama and HulkThe mighty Saitama vs. the incredible Hulk

The illustration clearly shows that the Hulk has size advantageHowever, it has been shown that Saitama has been able to take down villains up to 10 times his size. All this without ruling out that until now Hulk’s power is incalculable.

What we are sure of is that the image faithfully represents each character, from his physique to the official colors. If you want to see other representations like these, feel free to see the tough battle between One Punch Man vs Marvel and DC.

Who do you think is the winner in this tough battle?

Featured Image | look.medium

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