05/22/2020 12:16 – Updated: 05/22/2020 12:48

They have the feeling that the sanitary protocol for the return to training and the resumption of the League is like a dictatorship. The coaches do not paint anything and complain. Until now they were silent, silent and waiting to know how they could reorganize individual and group training to face the eleven days of the League at a high competitive level. But they find that the sanitary protocol invades its functions and they are treated as objects. Sergio González, the Valladolid coach, speaks out. As he thinks the vast majority of technicians who are upset by the vigilance of the inspectors of the League in training and have the feeling of having been ignored.

The rush of League for starting the championship (still without an official date and waiting for Health to give the go-ahead for the starting gun to be on June 12), it causes the guild of the trainers stop being quiet. Complain about muscle injury risks, the lack of more time to train with all the players and the possibility of having a friendly, test match before the start of a league that will be a time trial. The League has developed a strict protocol to avoid possible spread of the coronavirus. The objective was to pass tests, have favorable results and steer the return to training progressively. A super control. Avoiding a contagion is more important than a break. Starting and finishing the remainder of the championship is above the goals of the teams that play the title, European places and relegation. Of this, by the precipitation and the vigilance, the trainers complain.

Leo Messi during individual training. (Efe)

They will be responsible for not having achieved the goals set by the club. They are obliged, with the shielding protocol, to remain silent and adapt to the different phases. In exchange they have been offered the possibility to make five changes. Do all teams start on equal terms? Not considered by many of these more modest team technicians who feel affected by the breadth of staff that they have the largest teams (substitutes that could be starters in any of the rest of the sets) and the lack of habit of playing every three days. They even see how there is a colleague, as in the case of Zidane, which in this phase of training with small groups is introduced in collective exercises to simulate practices, strategies and have more effective. It is the picaresque of coaches who start to break the rules.

Injury and stress

What else unworthy is that they have not been consulted about how it has to be or what is your opinion about returning to training?, its different phases and the appropriate start date of the competition. The scream in the sky puts it Sergio González with discomfort that is widespread. “From the League they no longer only tell you what you have to do, but how you have to do it: trips, gatherings, food, transfers to the fields … What you want is to be able to organize yourself in the best way to do what you think is best for your team and get better performance, ”is the way the Valladolid coach explodes (on TVE).

“They have not had that detail of being able to converse with us, that we are protagonists of this sport to establish situations or see which proposals of this protocol are correct or not “, an opinion of the Valladolid coach that the rest of colleagues support. The sanitary protocol is incompatible with the planning and methods required by the coaches to fine-tune the templates. They are not going to play eleven matches. They will do so without margin of error. The decisive phase of the season is played. You have to face a mini-competition at a high intensity after two months confined and with only one month of training radically different from those of a summer preseason. There are no preparation matches. Training is not the same as playing and all with stress which involves following a protocol in which it is still to be decided whether there will be concentrations. Another hot spot.

The illusion of the players and, even, of some coach like Zidane who has already said on the club’s official channel that he is looking forward to this as soon as possible is not the reality lived by the most modest teams. The need to save the business has been transferred to the responsibility of playing the games as entertainment for the millions of fans who will surely devour the games in confinement. Was it lacking tact or responsibility of the soccer and health authorities to sit down and talk to the coaches? This sector looks helpless and more and more voices are expressing their discomfort.