This is how Rick Flag will change in the next Suicide Squad movie

Joel Kinnaman, who plays Rick Flag, commented on some changes his character will undergo in The Suicide Squad. The military will be totally different from what was seen in David Ayer’s version.

The Suicide Squad It is already a week away from being released and it is undoubtedly news that excites many fans. According to some preliminary comments and critics, this would be the best film of the world. DCEU Until now.

However, many still do not forget the edition that David Yesterday made the group in 2016. This, in part, is due to the fact that three main characters of that version remain. Is about Harley quinn, Amanda waller Y Rick Flag. However, it was learned that the latter will be very different, almost as if it were a new being.

Even so, the military man will be played once again by the same actor as in the previous opportunity, Joel kinnaman. In fact, he himself was the one who learned to comment on the modifications it will undergo.


About what was seen a few years ago, he said that “it was a completely different version of the character.”

In addition, he asserted that “I was able to flex some muscles of the comedy, and it was a much more relaxed and I think also warmer version of the character that I think connected much more with the other characters. A little less cynical of the world and a little more idealistic. And yes, personally I felt much more relaxed in this version than in the first one ”.

Rick Flag will be totally different in The Suicide Squad

The movie and the director

On the other hand, the interpreter spoke of the film as such and commented that “it is a crazy film. At the same time, it was very much the movie that I thought it was going to be because the vision was so clear from the start. As we filmed it, it was very clear what we were doing. It is very entertaining. Of course, I’m hopelessly biased, but it seemed like one of the most entertaining movies I’ve ever seen. From A to Z, he’s got such a good pacing, he’s got such comical momentum and timing. It’s fun on the go all the time, effortlessly. But then I think what really surprised me was that it surprised me how well it flowed, but also how he was able to create these little bubbles, these little moments of emotional depth, and visual and emotional poetry. “

Finally, he ended up complimenting the director, James Gunn, of which he limited the following: “He is an incredible guy. He has written a fantastic script. It’s so funny… I feel like I’m filming my first comedy. There are a lot of really fun people there. It is like a learning experience. I’m surrounded by a lot of incredibly fun people. “


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