This is how Pedro Sánchez removes illegal immigrants from the Canary Islands, with a paid flight in preferential seats

17.30, Gran Canaria Airport. Dozens of passengers are waiting to board flight UX9165 to Madrid. Among the passengers a large group of sub-Saharan immigrants that, minutes before, they had disembarked from a bus in the arrivals area. Unlike the rest of the passage, these irregular immigrants wander around the terminal with a lost look. They do not speak Spanish. They all carry a transparent briefcase from which sepia-colored papers with the coat of arms of the Government of Spain stand out. They are the identification papers and the ticket to fly to the peninsula. They smile on what, for many of them, is their first plane trip. They look out the window while listening to music to the indifference of the rest of the passengers, as can be seen in the exclusive images of this newspaper.

This group of about twenty people had arrived a few days before on the shores of Gran Canaria. His journey, therefore, had begun long before. In the case of Dakarai, one of the passengers sharing a plane with an OKDIARIO team, had left Mali three months earlier. He walked to the shores of Western Sahara until a few days ago he managed embark on a cayuco to travel without a predetermined destination to Spain. They arrived a few kilometers from Las Palmas. With a paper that gave him instructions on how to act, he came to social services. After his identification, he was luckier than others and did not happen to occupy one of the thousands of hotel places or camps destined for the migratory crisis. Dakarai, along with Ebrima and other colleagues he met on the boat, has managed to travel to the peninsula.

Reaching the European continent is the priority of practically all immigrants who risk their lives at sea. The Canary Islands is nothing more than an exit door. Those who are not repatriated hot and are lucky like this group, manage to move to the peninsula to go, from there, to other countries in Europe or Spanish cities. In the case of this group, the Government of Pedro Sanchez, which has ordered the cleaning of the Arguineguín dock of irregular immigrants before the visit of several ministers to the area, arrived at the Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas airport after ten o’clock at night without resources or a place to spend the night. They only carried their smart smartphone, which they carry from origin, and the conviction that some compatriot would welcome them.

Police device in the Canary Islands

OKDIARIO learned of an unprecedented mobilization of Police Intervention Units in the Canary Islands in the face of the situation that Gran Canaria is going through and which has been seen for a long time at the Arguineguín dock. Only hours after the videos of hundreds of illegal immigrants leaving the quay to spend the night at the headquarters of the Government Delegation were broadcast, the Ministry of the Interior gave the order to send all riot gear of the National Police Force of the Canary Islands to Gran Canaria and also reinforce it with more units from the peninsula.

The first orders arrived on Tuesday at ten o’clock at night to the Canary units. There are four UIP units on the islands, each of which should have 50 agents. Canaries are the known groups with indicative ‘Dragon’ and there are permanently two in Gran Canaria and two in Tenerife.

From this Wednesday at six in the morning everyone is in Gran Canaria to try to keep under control the almost 300 illegal immigrants who in the last hours roam the island. In fact, given the avalanche of cayucos arriving in Arguineguín, Interior assumes that the situation is going to repeat itself again and, therefore, they have resorted to more UIP groups on the peninsula, specifically units with callsign ‘Reindeer’ with permanent headquarters in Valladolid and ‘Stripe’, based in La Coruña.