Having tested a payment feature in India in early 2018, Facebook Inc. has followed through on the announcement it made earlier in the year and WhatsApp has started offering payment services in Brazil this Monday.

The functionality released in this South American country, the second largest WhatsApp market with more than 120 million users, allows the sending and receiving of money through conversations of the instant messaging service using Facebook Pay technology introduced last year.

Sending and receiving money is done through chats as if sending a photograph or file were

This is how payments on WhatsApp work

Whatsapp Payments

The payment service that WhatsApp now offers in Brazil and that in previous tests received the name of WhatsApp Pay, you can start using it for free by linking a credit or debit card from three selected Brazilian banks. Businesses will only pay if they want to receive payments.

Once one of these payment methods is linked, sending and receiving money will be done through chats as if sending a photograph or file were. To understand us, similar to how Bizum works in Spain.

Click on the clip icon, the option to make payments is selected, we indicate how much we want to pay (or how much we want to be paid), we add a note if we wish and we send the contact in question that is clearly indicated in the interface. Demand a payment works exactly the same, only that after selecting the payment option we must fill in the data in the tab for money requests.

Users can pay each other and also to shops or businesses, which will have to pay WhatsApp a processing fee.

The use of the WhatsApp payment platform is free for users and paid for companies that want to charge

Facebook Pay: Mark Zuckerberg's new bet to offer mobile payments using Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp

From WhatsApp they ensure that the information of the cards that are linked to the service is private and encrypted; at no time will it be shared with merchants who may charge for services or products using this method.

On the other hand, security will go through the use of a Facebook Pay pin code or the biometric data of the device, such as fingerprint or facial recognition. All the data on the status of the transfers and their details will appear in the conversations in which the transactions take place with the aim, says WhatsApp, that we find everything in one place. The payment history will also be available in the configuration of this system.

WhatsApp with Facebook PayWhatsApp with Facebook Pay

Facebook Inc. works in Brazil with the payment processing company Cielo because, they highlight, have built an open model with the aim of “welcoming more partners in the future”. At the moment, the South American country is the first on a list that should begin to grow in the coming weeks, according to Mark Zuckerberg earlier this year. Spain, as WABetaInfo assured in February, should be among these countries.