This is how Noelia looked at her concerts. Very daring and beautiful!

This is how Noelia looked at her concerts Very daring and beautiful! (Instagram)

This is how Noelia looked at her concerts. Very daring and beautiful! | Instagram

The beautiful singer And also businesswoman Noelia published on her Instagram account some videos where she is remembering some of her concerts from a few years ago where she looked the most daring and above all cute.

In the video he appears performing his greatest hit “You”, this was released on his first album entitled “Noelia“Thanks to this melody he had the opportunity to quickly become a celebrity and pop star.

There are some singers who last a long time launching record projects without having a very striking success and even more achieving it from their first album as happened with Noelia, whenever a new album is released in addition to the acceptance of their fans, the celebrity has the opportunity to know other places with the aim of promoting their work.

Noelia appeared in several countries not only in America but also in Europe, as in Italy to mention just one example, in the video the beautiful singer appears wearing a full suit adjusted to her figure, this is yellow, she wears silver sneakers, The interesting thing about the suit is that it is uncovered on the back, it can hardly be appreciated because Noelia wears her long hair down.

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The figure of the interpreter of “Give me a reason” has always been the same, over the years it did not change much, she continues to be slender and with her charms well placed, something to admire about the beautiful Puerto Rican is that she has not chosen to perform some aesthetic arrangements, that although it is valid for her, natural is the best, and it has worked for her because her admirers are delighted with her figure.

My song You, has moved the fiber of generations and millions of people, “wrote Noelia.

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Currently more than 10 new artists have released a cover of Noelia’s success according to her own words, for more than 20 years the singer worked hard so that this melody became a success that also had the support of her audience to who always appreciates the support they have always provided.

The publication that the model and businesswoman made was a day ago, very proud of what she has achieved and continues to achieve in addition to the unconditional support she has received, without a doubt Noelia is one of the few artists who is quite humble and grateful to her audience .