The national celebrations of this 2020 will be marked in the history books as one of the most atypical in the country. The health emergency that Mexico and the world are experiencing has forced to modify the classic celebrations around September 15 and 16 where the military parade shone without the millions of Mexicans who year after year come together to enjoy this event.

The changes have been many for this edition of the classic parade, where, among other things, the awards ceremony for health professionals who fight to combat Covid-19 stands out.

For this reason, this time, the president of the Mexican Republic will not witness the military parade from the balcony of the National Palace as is tradition.

This year a template was located at the main door of the campus from where the aforementioned recognitions were delivered.

In addition to this change, the traditional parade was reduced both in time and in number of participants.

It is estimated that only 600 elements of the Army, Armed Forces, Navy and National Guard will participate in this event, who will be accompanied by 81 vehicles, 66 horses and a dozen motorcycles and 11 themed cars.

In recent days, López Obrador assured that this would be “a very peculiar parade, because there are not going to be many elements, it is a representation, it only has to do with the Zócalo. Yes, there will be representatives of all the forces, of the Navy, of the National Defense and of the National Guard, but they are representations; the airplanes, yes, the spectacle of the airplanes ”.

All these measures have been considered to guarantee the safety of the participants and the population in general.

In this game, social networks have played a special role so that Mexicans can enjoy this long-awaited event, because these platforms have been used by various government entities to publicize the military parade.

With this, the presentation of the armed forces of Mexico has become a topic of conversation on social networks, from where hundreds of users, media and government authorities have given way to one of the most iconic celebrations in the country.

At the time of the closing of this note the hashtags # 16September and #Military Parade rank as the two most important trends for the Mexican market with 8,526 and 2,750 related tweets, respectively, while the term Decoration Miguel Hidalgo has occupies the eighth position with 1,308 messages, according to estimates provided by Twitter.

The phenomenon once again makes clear the relevance of these communication spaces in current times, where in addition to being an important source of information for audiences in events like this, they also function as a space in which the user becomes in the best reporter.

Here are some of the tweets that have brought the Zócalo Capitalino military parade to social networks: