This is how Jennifer Lopez celebrated 20 years of her second album “JLo”

This is how Jennifer Lopez celebrated 20 years of her second album

This is how Jennifer Lopez celebrated 20 years of her second album “JLo” | AP

American singer of Puerto Rican origin Jennifer Lopez is celebrating 20 years of his second album “J.Lo”, he did it in an interesting way recreating one of the scenes from his famous video “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”.

Jennifer Lopez has become an icon of music, fashion and everything related to success because she is not only an excellent singer but also an actress and businesswoman.

His name is known internationally for some Internet users it is difficult to choose between his music and his films Since to date she continues to act for Hollywood one of her most recent films was “Hustles” where she played a night dancer, a performance that many will surely remember for years because just seeing her dance on a tube was for many more than impressive.

This same performance was carried out again in the Super Bowl halftime show alongside the Colombian singer Shakira, making her performance one of the most iconic of all time.

Jennifer Lopez It is also known for always providing unforgettable shows, it always has spectacular effects, dancers and especially its costumes, which remain in the minds of its fans because it wears them with pride, always showing off its voluptuous charms which is also what it is well known for. .

The success he achieved Jennifer Lopez With his second album it was as spectacular as possible because within a week of having released it immediately it became number one, he released it at the same time as his film “The wedding planner” in Latin America was called “Expert in weddings” , his two projects became number one, both in film and music, giving him the Guinness record that no one has been able to take away from him so far.

From the album “J.Lo” it consisted of fifteen songs among which you surely remember:

Love don’t cost a thing I´m real Play Dance with me Walking on sunchine

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With her single Love don’t cost a thing, which she decided to release as the first single, she managed to become number one in the United Kingdom for Jennifer Lopez, this song for Jenny from the block also became a standard of love and love. feminine independence, so to speak, in the video we can see her how little by little she takes off all the material things that her partner had given her, something she did again to celebrate the 20 years of her album released in 2001.

Happy 20th anniversary to my second album J.Lo !!!! I had a bit of fun in a recent session, “he wrote in the post.

Walking little by little on the beach, she takes off her things until she remains in pants and blouse, makes the gesture of taking off the shirt she is wearing, because it is evident that she does not have anything underneath, however, you cannot see much because she turns around.

Nine minutes ago you shared the video the publication quickly and it already has more than 229 thousand reproductions, there is no doubt that its millions of fans are aware of its movements.

In addition to the success and support he has had not only in music but also in acting, Jennifer Lopez She also became an enterprising woman known for her clothing as well as the impressive footwear she has been releasing for years, in addition to this she also has several restaurants, perfumes and a production company.

Whichever way you look, Jennifer Lopez is an example to follow for anyone, not just for women.

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