This is how Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are having their encounters

They assure that Jennifer López and Ben have made ropes to achieve their recent meetings.

Photo: Frazer Harrison. / Getty Images

After the breaking of the engagement of Jennifer Lopez Y Alex Rodriguez much has been said about The Bronx Diva and his ex, Ben affleck. Apparently, celebrities have seen each other again and more often than many think. In themselves they say that they have even done ropes to achieve their encounters, according to the web portal Page Six.

Apparently, a white van, same that uses JLO, picks up the actor near his house at a certain time and leaves him later in the same place. Supposedly when he has already spent a few hours with the ex of Marc Anthony and Alex Rodríguez. Page Six assures that it is the same truck that Jennifer would be using to get around the city of The Angels.

Just a few days ago, a source close to the singer indicated that She was seen having dinner with Alex Rodríguez at the Bel Air hotel, where the couple had their first date when they went out in 2017. It is unknown if the dinner was to talk about a possible reconciliation or if it was about any of the businesses in common that they have, which they already said they do not intend to abandon. The same person assured: “There is still a lot of love and respect there.”

As for Jennifer and Ben, the couple was together between 2004 and 2006 and much was speculated about it. She was also engaged to the actor, but at the time it was said that Ben’s own behaviors coupled with their strong agendas eventually ended the relationship.

On the other hand, with Alex they assured that on several occasions they tried to fix the relationship. Even the former athlete traveled to RDominican Republic where Jennifer was shooting a movie. The whole crisis was unleashed after Alex was supposedly seen having dinner with the model Madison lecroy in a restaurant of Miami.

At some point they announced that they were breaking up, then the trip came, later they said that they were fixing their differences, until finally and through a statement they made it clear that the relationship had come to an end, but that they are best friends.

It will be necessary to see what happens with JLO Y Ben affleck and if there really would be a relationship there beyond the friendship that unites them. They have always gotten along well and this has been shown by the times they have met in public settings and in front of the press. Perhaps Ben is just serving as a friend and unconditional support in such a painful time.

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