This is how iPad apps look on the new MacBook Air with an M1 processor

Thanks to the new architecture of Apple Silicon M1 processors, running iOS and iPadOS apps on your Mac is child’s play, and allows us to bring interesting advantages to desktop computers.

MacBook with Big SurWith Calalyst, Macs can run apps developed for iOS and iPadOS.

After the arrival of the anticipated arrival of the new Macs to the first users, some of them have already got to work to find out what their new computers are capable of. This has been shared for example by a Reddit user, who has already shown his new MacBook Air with an M1 processor running iPhone and iPad applications such as the well-known Monument Valley game.

After the post, the barrage of questions from users has been incessant, and it is that many have already stopped to look for all the current advantages to be able to use the apps of mobile devices on the desktop terminal.

MacBook Air running iPad and iPhone appsThe use of apps for mobile devices on laptops is a revolution for users.

As the user who shared the image has commented, apps run natively and seamlessly, simply swapping finger interaction on the touch screen for the mouse or trackpad on the Mac. Among the main interests that this feature has aroused, most of the attention has been taken by games, and that is that Apple now has an interesting catalog of really popular titles that users could play in this way on their Macs. Even more so if thanks to Catalyst they can integrate the native use of the keyboard and mouse in an interface originally designed for touch control.

Other advantages that have been found to this new feature is the use of streaming apps from platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime etc. Where users can download content in mobile versions to watch offline While so far, on macOS computers, content can simply be consumed if we have an internet connection. This feature is not confirmed, but it would be nice to have it on our computers, especially since they mostly have much larger screens for the consumption of this type of content.

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The Apple Silicon era has begun, and the amount of news, beyond what we already know, is yet to be seen. For our part, we can’t wait to find out what this transition will mean for the future of the Mac.