This is how in WhatsApp you can put different funds for each chat

This is how in WhatsApp you can put different funds for each chat (AP)

This is how in WhatsApp you can put different funds for each chat | AP

Currently, the application of WhatsApp for Android already allows you to put different wallpapers for each conversation and we will tell you how you can do it, because this new function recently arrived in Mexico so keep reading.

More customization options have come to WhatsApp and now it is such a small aspect, but of course important, as is the possibility of putting wallpapers different for each of your conversations.

The beta versions of WhatsApp for iOS and Android already allow more customization options with different backgrounds for each conversation.

However, being part of the beta versions, which are not yet available for all devices, only users who are part of the program can access this new function.

Fortunately, in the Android operating system, the APK files allow you to install the beta version without being in the program, so the only thing you have to do to put different wallpapers in each of your conversations about WhatsApp is the next:

Download the APK file of WhatsApp Beta for Android Install the file on your device. Once the installation is finished, in any conversation we go to the three points in the upper right corner and you will have to select Wallpaper. You access a menu that allows you to choose different default WhatsApp wallpapers, divided into categories: Light, Dark, and Solid colors, as well as a section to search our files for your own photographs to place in the background. When selecting a background, either default or your gallery’s own, a preview of how it will look already configured will appear. Also, you can swipe to see each background put in conversations. When you press the Set wallpaper button, the option will appear that allows you to set a different wallpaper for each of your conversations in the application.

It is important to mention that we will have the possibility to configure the same wallpaper for several conversations at the same time, as long as they have the same theme.

It should be noted that this same option for greater customization will soon come to WhatsApp WebHowever, they do not mention an official arrival date for all users, neither of Android nor iOS operating systems, beyond those with the beta version of the messenger.

On the other hand, recently the company of the messaging application has announced that its platform for the web version will not be compatible with some computers before the arrival of 2021, so we will let you know what they are.

Unfortunately and perhaps to the bad luck of thousands of people, WhatsApp Web will stop working in 2021 in those people whose main browser is Microsoft Edge Legacy.

That is, if you want to enter the web application through said platform, you will get a message that unfortunately it is not supported.

So far, the application of Facebook It has not released an exact date, however, if you use Edge Legacy to access the internet, we suggest that you can change it right now by downloading some of these browsers:

Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Safari

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Despite this update, thanks to the advanced technology that currently exists, the application of WhatsApp enabled a new function that will surely be interesting for millions of people, the messages that self-destruct and fortunately you can now activate this new function.

And it is important to point out that somehow maintaining a certain degree of privacy in our conversations has become more popular each day among users and at the same time as technologies advance, so do the creators of content and tools that facilitate the use of our applications. .

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