This is how Gmail is installed as an application in Windows 10

The email platform developed by Google is more used than Outlook.

Microsoft teams generally prioritize shortcuts for applications that they develop themselves. However, they are not enemies of facilitating the download and installation of programs that are « competitions » in the market.

That comes after the great acceptance that web applications have on computers. That is why now it is not necessary to enter a site to enjoy different services.

In this case we will address the installation of Gmail and the benefits it obtains when installed on our computer with Windows 10

Gmail in Windows 10

The advantages of downloading Gmail in Windows 10 is that you can have the direct icon on the taskbar where you will see the notifications of new emails and you will see the number of emails you have without seeing.

Installation is very simple using both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge:

Google Chrome:

Open the « three dots » menu at the top right.
Click on « more tools ».
Select « create shortcut ».
Choose the name of the application.
Check the « open as window » box.
We select «create».

Microsoft Edge

Open the « three dots » menu in the upper right corner.
Go to « applications » and then « install this site as an application. »
Choose the name of the application.
Select « install ».